How We work

The consultation process

1. Schedule a consultation via phone or in person

2. Discuss wants and needs of spaces (make sure you explain the flow and purpose well)

3. We will send a flat rate quote based on the scope of design (e.g custom furniture, feature walls, design detailing, sourcing and selection of materials)

4. Concept proposal - Generic 3d views to give the overall feel and ambience of space

5. We go to and fro to make the changes as your needs. *Make sure the first set of images are critiqued well so that the next set of images would be closest to your ultimate space solution.

6. Delivery of final design package.

7. If the scope requires installation and interior finishes, we provide it too. Our team is committed to providing good quality finishes.



Our Address
M. Seatracks
Boduthakurufaanu Magu,
20251, Male'
Rep. Of Maldives